First blog post!!


I’m Rafaela and the title says I’m just a girl from Portugal who loves to read and loves to talk about books.

I had the idea to create this blog just a week ago and I have not been able to get the idea out of my head ever since. Today I found myself with some unexpected free time. So I thought Why not? And here we are!

This blog will essentially be a place for me to share my book reviews (and perhaps movie reviews if they are adaptations from books) and other bookish things such as:

  • book hauls
  • to be read list for that particular month
  • books I’m looking forward to read and/or are going to be published soon

And… I guess that’s all for now!


7 thoughts on “First blog post!!

  1. WELCOME TO THE BLOGOSPHERE! I hope you will have the best of times on here and make many virtual friends that will feel absolutely no different that friends in real life! The book community may be a little crazy sometimes, but every now and then we can just all get together and geek out about books and it’s the best 😀


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