Top 5 Wednesday: 2017 Goals!!



Hello ! This year I’ve decided to start doing these weekly topic posts. It seems pretty fun and it’s a way of working on one of my new year’s resolution – be more active on my blog! 

2016 was a bad year for most of the people on the world, but in overall it was pretty good to me. I read some wonderful books, acquired some wonderful books as well,  everything related to uni went well, I had a lot of fun hanging out with my friends, I saw some great movies in the cinema…. 

I’m hoping, of course, that this new year goes as well as the last. 

  • Read 50 books !  In 2016 I managed to read 66 books out of my 65 book goal but that was just barely and this year I have a few more things to worry about so I decided to set this smaller goal.  I can always change it later, though (which I usually end up doing).


  • Read the books that I already own before buying new ones! This is something I already started working on in the last few months of 2016. I keep buying new books and then reading the new books instead of the ones I already own! I really want to lower the number of books on my TBR list this year.


  • Be more active on my blog. Hopefully, through this weekly topics of Top Ten Wednesday and Book Travelling Thursdays, I’ll manage to be more active on my blog – and also through book reviews, of course!! Though, I’m thinking about posting some other, slightly more personal stuff as well… maybe. And more movie/tv/anime reviews too.
  • Be more active on bookstagram.


  • Have good grades (I guess?) I’m hoping to improve a few of my grades this next semester and really make some effort to go to class, actually pay attention to class and study more and more often. 


  • Exercise more. This one is really important for me, not just to maintain my body weigh and be healthy in general, because I have this spine issue that requires exercise (hydro-gymnastics and water sports in general are the best) or it’ll get worse. 


  • Travel more.

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