New Read & Travelling

Good morning everyone! By the time you’re reading this I will have already landed in Paris!! I’m going to stay for about 5 days with a friend of mine who did Erasmus there this past semester and I’m absolutely thrilled about it!!

I have a few posts scheduled though, worry not I will not disappear – and I am in excellent company! I am not only with one of my dearest, most precious friend but also I’ve brought The Rose Society (by Marie Lu) with me to read on the plane mostly (though by the time you will be reading this I might have already finished it since it’s a 2h30m flight). 


Last Saturday I finished reading Spice and Wolf – Light Novel vol. 1  (the review should up soon) and it was as wonderful as I expected! 

I read The Young Elites – the prequel to The Rose Society – in August 2015 and again last year in November but it was oddly difficult for me to review it. Hopefully I’ll get it done soon enough though (sooner than The Rose Society’s review with some luck). 

I’ll probably post some of my Paris photos on my personal ig account @rgy9716 if you’d like to check them out!


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