Book Travelling Thursdays: Here’s to different worlds…

This Thursday’s theme is Here’s to different worlds… Choose a book set in a fictional world.  Book Travelling Thursdays is a weekly meme created by Cátia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much and Danielle @ Danielle’s Book Blog(Book Travelling Thursdays Goodreads group)

Truthfully, even though fantasy is my favorite genre, I usually don’t read that many books set in fictional worlds but rather books set in our world with a twist of fantasy like The Mortal Instruments series, for example. 

My choice for this thursday is Game of Thrones!

I started reading this show when the first season was still airing and I loved the first book. My plan was to read the book before each season came out but that didn’t happen and I have yet to finish A Clash of Kings. I would love to continue reading the books someday but for now I don’t have any plans to do so.  I absolutely love the tv show, though! The fact that season 7 is only coming out in June makes me kind of mad but at the same time June is my favorite month of the year since it’s the month of my birthday and the first month of summer holidays!

Covers I own:

Favorite covers: including one from my country on the right

Least favorite covers: (the one on top right is also from my country)


2 thoughts on “Book Travelling Thursdays: Here’s to different worlds…

  1. I love the cover that’s in the middle of your favourites. I’ve seen the rest of the series with those covers as well and I so regret not owning them but the regular ones instead … They look so much prettier with the landscapes on them.

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