Book Order (Jan 24)

I know I said I was going to read the books I already own before buying new ones but my mom still hasn’t given me my Christmas books and she said she was going to order something for herself with paypal so she might as well buy my books now. So I just couldn’t let this opportunity go I guess. But this time I’m ordering books I don’t normally read and more stand-alone novels than series. (I’m really, really, really!! excited about all of these!)


The Wrath & The Dawn – Renée Ahdieh : Goodreads 

Rebel of The Sands – Alwyn Hamilton  : Goodreads 

More Happy Than Not – Adam Silvera   : Goodreads


The Love That Split The World – Emily Henry : Goodreads

Fangirl  – Rainbow Rowell : Goodreads

Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell : Goodreads

Dark Matter – Blake Crouch : Goodreads

All of these books have different processing/shipping times but with an average of 3 days for processing, these books should arrive or should start arriving after the 6th of February (because the shipping time for Europe is 4 – 8 business days). The last time I predicted my book’s arrival I was spot on, so hopefully there won’t be any processing/shipping issues and every book will be here on time and in pristine condition. 

Ordering books from the Book Depository has always worked out for me but someone I know from tumblr had a bad experience the first time she ordered books through there. One of her books arrived and the other four just never came and she never found out what happened to them. She emailed BD and they gave her the money back but she just gave up on it. It kind of makes me sad because she’s missing out on the free shipping and all the great and constant discounts. My mom ordered a book once that never came and we emailed BD and they sent another copy so even though sometimes problems occur, BD is pretty good and reasonable at solving them. If you receive a copy in bad shape you can email them and they’ll sent you another one, by the way. (I wish I had known that when one of my books came in really bad conditions once). 

Book Depository and everyone that works there is amazing and it’s something I’d love to do some day, I think. (To work at a book store in general, not just BD specifically. Besides being surrounded by books I’d probably have employee discount!)


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