Movie Review: Moana



  • Director: Ron Clements, Don Hall 
  • Writer: Jared Bush (screenplay), Ron Clements (story by)
  • Cast Included:  Auli’i Cravalho, Dwayne Johnson, Rachel House
  • 1h47mins

In Ancient Polynesia, when a terrible curse incurred by the Demigod Maui reaches an impetuous Chieftain’s daughter’s island, she answers the Ocean’s call to seek out the Demigod to set things right.

Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars



I can honestly say that I loved Moana and that it mt my expectations and the only reason why I’m rating it a 4.5 instead of a 5 is because the singing was a bit irritating at times. (I did enjoy the songs in general though). 

Throughout the years Disney’s movies have continuously evolved in terms of good messages for kids – whether it’s with discrimination issues as in Zootopia or women empowerment/ fraternal love (I guess?) in Frozen. (I look forward to the day Disney makes a movie with lgbt+ characters). Moana is about following your dreams, following your heart and it’s also about a strong young woman who’s determined to protect the ones she loves. It’s about self-love and believing in yourself. 

The visuals/animation are absolutely stunning as per usual with Disney movies. There should be more ocean-themed/set movies! (Speaking of ocean-themed movies, Disney should make a new version of The Little Mermaid in which Ariel doesn’t have to change for a man she doesn’t even know). 

 The basic motive of Moana as a character is overdone but it makes sense. It fits the story and and it’s well-done and it’s something that should be taught to children: protect and cherish the ones you love. 

Although the chosen one cliché makes an appearence, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing in this movie. I don’t know why the ocean chose Moana – maybe it was because she was an innocent little girl who loved it and that’s it – or maybe it’s something else but at some point she stops giving so much importance to this fact and just does what has to be done (by which I mean save the island). 

It’s a really good movie and I was really looking forward to watching it when I did ( in December) and I think it’s a great movie for both kids and adults – as most Disney movies are. 


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