DNFed: Confession of the Lioness

Confession of the Lioness by Mia Couto

I confess that I was excited about this book because it promised a tale of lions and the myths of Mozambique. Before I started it, I read very contradictory reviews. Some people loved it, and loved the very feminist subject and the female struggle – whereas others, despite liking the theme, could not stand the narrative and the language. 

I decided to drop this book at around page 70. I couldn’t stand the narrative either, though there are other factors. The story is told between the diaries of two characters, that often overlap chronologically. It was confusing; the characters often got sidetracked by some existential crisis, or philosophical question (that sometimes seemed to come out of nowhere).  The fact that it was boring didn’t really motivate me to read it either.

(Maybe someday I’ll give it another chance.)


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