May Goals & Expectations

I’ll be honest, May will be a painful month for me. I will be extremely busy with assignments and finals since it’s my last month of classes. (Well, technically I’ll still have Japanese classes in June but it’s just two per week and they’re pretty fun.)

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I don’t have many goals besides surviving this ordeal. I expect by the end of the month I’ll pretty much be a worn-out potato with not will to write or read. I’ll try to write a few posts when I have time and just schedule them because I probably won’t have time or wish to write posts when things get really busy.

Just a couple of weeks ago I was so excited about May. I had so many plans… and then my English teacher dropped a group assignment (including a presentation) and a screenplay writing assignment (about an art piece if I recall correctly – I hope I’m wrong though, because I don’t feel the least bit of interest in doing that). This happens all the time with English teachers at my university. Most teachers schedule all the tests and assignments in the first week of classes but English teachers just let you know one or two weeks before the deadline – because that’s certainly helpful, it’s not like I’ve already planned my whole month around according to my tests/assignments…..

This month, I really just want to reread A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Mist and Fury. I’m going to pre-order A Court of Wings and Ruin (plus a few other books) tonight and it should arrive about halfway through May. I love this book series, it’s one of my favorites of all time but I don’t even know if I’ll actually be able to read ACOWAR in May. I mean, I want to read it when I’m not mentally or physically exhausted and I just don’t see how I’ll manage not to feel like that in May.


With some luck, I’ll also be taking driving classes: I have five classes left from the theoretical part and I’m just dying to get those over with so I can take the exam and finally start my actual driving lessons – which I was hoping to do in June since I’ll only be having my Japanese classes. [If these classes compromise my time to study or make me even more exhausted I won’t take them, obviously. My class work and mental and physical health come first]. 

Hopefully somebody out there is going to have a better May than me! 


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