May Wrap Up !

may wrap up

Finally! My classes have all ended except for one and I have no more finals except for one in the second half of June! From what I heard, pretty much everyone in my uni thought this semester was far too long for the amount of work we had. Most of my grades were good with the exception of three very infuriating ones that at this point I don’t even care about. 

I didn’t write anything other than my assignments and I don’t feel bad about it at all. I mean, of course I wish I had had more free time to write and of course I wanted to write but this month was insane! So, no regrets. 

Somehow, I managed read 6 books. [Reviews coming soon] and I bought 9 books total [ Book Haul May 2017 ]. They were almost all amazing, too, so I was just really lucky this month. 

  • Eleanor & Park  3 stars
  • The Raven King 5 stars !
  • The King’s Men 5 stars !
  • A Court of Mist and Fury reread 5 stars !
  • A Court of Wings & Ruin 5 stars !
  • The Rose & The Dagger 4 stars!

Sem Título

I also went to the movies to watch Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 and as someone who loves all MCU movies, especially the first Gardians of the Galaxy movie, I thought this movie was a bit too much. The humor in this one was a little too done, the plot/pacing was kind of a mess until the finale and was there that much character development, really? (Except for Nebula and Gamora’s relationship which took a surprising turn). 


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