Short Review: Library of Souls

Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs


This might’ve been my favorite book of the trilogy and definitely the one I enjoyed the most. 

Jacob had some notable growth during this journey and changed into a person I undoubtedly like more than 1stbook-Jacob. Emma as always is my favorite – and in this book so was Sharon. I would’ve loved to find out more about him (he was probably one of the most interesting people in the book…)

There were a few unexpected plot twists at the end, which was also unexpected and I really liked it (though, I can understand if some people thought it predictable). It’s definitely a satisfying ending for the series,  in my opinion. I feel like, despite my dislike of these book’s writing and author, the world was well-explored and the characters sort of well-developed (well, some of them).  In overall, it was an enjoyable series but I’m glad I read two of the books in ebook format (I would’ve not finished the series if it meant buying the books, to be honest). 

*I can see where the people who produced the movie got the idea for the ending of the movie, but I still hate it because of the ridiculous and unnecessary character changes.*


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