Review: Kinslayer

Kinslayer by Jay Kristoff


This review may contain spoilers for book one of The Lotus War trilogy – Stormdancer

Rating: 4.5 stars

I loved this book so much. It kept me excited and glued to the pages all the way through and it didn’t disappoint me one bit. 

Kinslayer picks up only a few weeks after Stormdancer lefts out and the consequences of what Yukiko’s done are wreaking havoc not only throughout the country but within herself. 

Yukiko’s been feeling unwell for the past few weeks with increasingly painful headaches that are connected to her power – the Kenning. She tries to drown them with alcohol but it seems her power’s growing dangerously out of her control to the point when she isn’t the only one afraid of it. So, she sets out on a journey to find more about the Kenning and about what it means to be a stormdancer

In this second book of the Lotus war trilogy, we not only follow Yukiko’s path but that of Kin, the outcast, runaway former member of the Lotus Guild; Hiro – Yukiko’s former lover and a samurai; and a new character mostly known as No One, a recent member of the Kagé Rebellion. Kin’s journey is hard. Barely anyone likes him or trusts him and without Yukiko’s protection, his life became much more difficult, painful and dangerous. Hiro’s rage and resentment blind him. He’s become almost deranged, delusional with ideas of power and vengeance. He and the Lotus Guild are the main antagonists of this book. 

The finale was satisfying and enraging all at the same time (because of a certain character’s actions) and left me wanting for more. Luckily I had already purchased Ensinger, the last book in the trilogy, and I dove right into it! (Review to come soon). 

I loved Kinslayer from the first few pages. It’s filled with action and beautiful, intriguing mythology and concepts. The writing is as always so beautiful and detailed that I could picture everything clearly in my mind. (Jay Kristoff never disappoints me on this aspect). 

I strongly recommend this book!



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