My Reading Habits!

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Reading Spots:

 My favorite places to read are definitely my bed, a really nice rocking chair from IKEA that I have in my room and my living room couch. Now, these are pretty obvious reading spots for most people, I’d say.

But I also love reading on the bus. Unfortunately, I have to take two buses to get to Lisbon (where my uni is) and one of them is essentially a really comfortable 40-minute bus ride that goes through the freeway. Normally, I take two of those a day so that’s almost one and half hour of reading throughout the day. (I’m a pretty fast reader and these long bus rides every day really help me make progress especially with books I’m not liking that much or am still starting.)

Other than that, I also like reading outside:

  • like at the beach (I get so much reading at the beach because I don’t give a shit about getting tanned and so when I’m not swimming, I’m reading). 
  • I also like to read in parks and gardens, like at the Gulbenkian Museum’s garden (near my uni and it’s full of really friendly ducks!)
  • and by the river Tagus, in Lisbon; it’s such a lovely place when the weather’s warm and the water’s calm.


(This is Ribeira das Naus, where they used to build ships in the time of the Portuguese discoveries, in the 15th and 16th centuries. Also, these are just random images from google – so not mine.)

Eating/Drinking while Reading: 

sunday market (6)

As far as eating is concerned, I don’t eat when I’m reading, unless it’s cookies, chocolate, or something small that won’t damage my book too much if I accidentally drop some on it. 

You should always drink lots of water, not only when reading, but throughout your daily activities. So, I do try to drink lots of water when I’m reading (I’m not saying I always accomplish my daily goal of 1.5L, but I try). 

12905172056031239  Tea and books are a perfect combination, if you ask me, though I suppose several people would say the same about coffee and books. Personally, I hate coffee so I’ll never say that (I do like lattes and cappuccinos, though. As long as the taste of coffee is strongly subdued I like it.) I love tea in the colder months but not when it’s warmer. Though this year it’s a bit cold still (like twenty degrees below average haha whatever summer be a bitch if you want) so I still might drink some tea. 


Fun fact, I tried to listen to music while reading once. Sure, it was the same song on repeat (I do that a lot), but whenever I heard that song again, it reminded me of the book I was reading when I listened to it. So, I don’t listen to music while reading. 

Noise is fine, usually, as long as it’s not too loud I can tune out everything. (I used to read in class when I was in high school A LOT.) It’s something I kind of love about myself because it’s just really fricking handy!

State of the book* and physical aspects:

 (*This part is inspired by Georgiana @ Reader’s High Tea’s post about her reading habits.)

First of all, I’m a paperback person mostly because hardcovers are usually a lot more expensive than paperbacks. However, in the rare cases that the hardcover is actually cheaper (usually when the book is published or during a discount from my experience with BD), I do buy them. I have 13 hardcovers and probably about 200 paperbacks. 

I usually prefer to buy new books than used ones, simply because I’m very picky with what editions I buy (not the state but the cover, font, that sort of things) and I usually only find old-ass editions for sale. All of my books have bent spines and I don’t mind that at all. It’s pretty much impossible to read a book and not break the spine, just opening ti bends it! (Unless it’s a hardcover or one of those paperbacks with a really flexible cover). Some of my books also have bent covers in the corners because I carry them around with me in my bag and it just happens. It doesn’t bother me at all. (Some even have duct tape tbh.)

Until a few months ago, I didn’t really dog ear or highlight or underline any book at all. But now I do all of those things, though not to all books. I dog-ear books (and then put one of those colorful things to mark the page), and I’ve highlighted a few that were cheap or that I didn’t care about that much. For example, my Wordsworth classics edition of Frankenstein was cheap as hell and I bought it for one essay and I highlighted and dog-eared half the book and honestly, I quite liked it – but I’ll never highlight one of my favorite books though, only underline in pencil maybe.

I guess I just realized that I love my books whether they’re in pristine condition or not (though I used to not understand how some people did that to their books) and what’s important is the content and that people love their books in their own way. 

What are your reading habits? Do you do any of these things? How do you like your books, hardcovers, pristine, etc? Tell me all about it!

3 thoughts on “My Reading Habits!

  1. Ah, reading while sitting on a rocking chair sounds so nice! I wish I had one at home 🙂 I also like reading outside, actually right now I am in the park, reading while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee ❤
    Thanks for adding the link to my blog!

    Have a wonderful day,

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