Review: Windwitch


Windwitch by Susan Dennard

Rating: 3.7 / 5 stars

[Goodreads] After an explosion destroys his ship, the world believes Prince Merik, Windwitch, is dead. Scarred yet alive, Merik is determined to prove his sister’s treachery. Upon reaching the royal capital, crowded with refugees, he haunts the streets, fighting for the weak—which leads to whispers of a disfigured demigod, the Fury, who brings justice to the oppressed.

When the Bloodwitch Aeduan discovers a bounty on Iseult, he makes sure to be the first to find her—yet in a surprise twist, Iseult offers him a deal. She will return money stolen from him, if he locates Safi. Now they must work together to cross the Witchlands, while constantly wondering, who will betray whom first?

After a surprise attack and shipwreck, Safi and the Empress of Marstok barely escape with their lives. Alone in a land of pirates, every moment balances on a knife’s edge—especially when the pirates’ next move could unleash war upon the Witchlands.

This is the second version of this review that I’m writing mainly because I strongly disliked the first half of the book and loved the second. 

I’d admit I had some fairly high expectations for this book that for the most part were not met. For the first part of the book, it felt like I was forcing myself to read, but the second part really hooked me. 


Although it mostly kept me engaged, Windwitch was a bit disappointing. Just like its prequel, it’s fast-paced and action-packed, but perhaps because of the change in MC or because its the sequel, it failed to enthrall me the same way that Truthwitch did. 

There was some character development for Merik and Vivia, but for most of them, there wasn’t, not really. (There were these two characters who were enemies and became allies but I personally wouldn’t count that as character development….) I don’t mind having multiple POVs usually, but the constant jumping between these characters made the book feel even more fast-paced and slightly confusing at times. (The fact that everything was technically happening at the same time didn’t help one bit either.)

The plot is more of the same fast-paced, perpetual battle for survival for all of the characters. Again, as in Truthwitch, it’s very character-driven which is something I personally enjoy. 

Regarding the worldbuilding, I still found that some things could’ve been better explained but since it’s the second book, there was already some background information. I love the world this book is set in, the kind of magic, but again there were concepts that were introduced that weren’t really properly explained or developed. I have more questions after finishing the book than before I started it and at times, things that were supposed to really important to the story weren’t treated accordingly. In the first book, it was easy to overlook but in this one, it was a bit harder to enjoy the book. 

In short, although I mostly enjoyed Windwitch, it’s not a book I’ll ever reread. I don’t recommend it all that much unless you read Truthwitch and you’re really interested in knowing what happens next. I will be reading the next one, however, as it focuses on one of my favorite characters from the series. 


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