Bookish Pet Peeves

Today I’m feeling especially great and motivated but for some reason I decided to talk about the things that especially annoy me about the book world!

I hope this post make you all smile or laugh a bit at how silly these ‘annoyances’ are in face of real world problems & hpe you’re all staying safe and having a good week!

  • Book praise

*By book praise, I mean things like “the new queen of fantasy” – Wall Street Journal (praise for CC on the back of my copy of Chain of Gold).

Book praise is just pointless because all it does is tell you that the publisher of that book got a bunch of famous authors, magazines or other publishers to say something nice about the book. 

Sometimes it takes us several of the first pages but it’s particularly annoying when it takes up space on beautiful covers! I have noticed that it’s less common these days, though. My copy of COG only has that one sentence, and most of my ebooks don’t have any inside.

  • Bad synopsis

A synopsis is bad if it reveals too much of the plot, if it reveals too little or if it’s simply poorly written and doesn’t actually describe the story well. 

For instance, some synopsis for House of Earth and Blood mention some ‘ruthless murders’ that will completely change the MC’s life, while others (which I unfortunately read before reading the book 😑😒) actually tell you who was murdered. How awful is that!?

  • Stickers

Why do people put stickers – that are very hard to remove – on covers!!! Price stickers, award stickers, soon-to-be-a-movie kind of stickers (sometimes not even removable)… Thankfully, most Portuguese booksellers only place price stickers on the back above the bar codes and I’d say they’re usually easy to remove.

  • Dust jackets

Dust jackets are beautiful but extremely unpractical! You can’t read with them on the book because they slide off and get dented or ripped… why don’t publishers simply place the beautiful cover design on the actual book cover? (Like COG’s Collector’s First Edition by Walker Books).

Speaking of hardcovers….

  • When expensive hardcovers are published before the affordable paperback edition

We talked about this in my Theory of Editing class last year. In a lot of cases, pretty, large hardcovers are published first and they’re always a bit too expensive for my taste. The reason for this is to make some profit, I assume, since it’s not always clear if a book will succeed enough to warrant printing new editions. 

When it comes to popular authors the paperbacks are often published at the same time, and slightly less expensive than the hardcovers, but overall it usually takes a few months for the cheaper quality mass-market paperbacks to be published. 

So, basically, I don’t often buy books as soon as they’re released unless there’s a great discount or it’s at an acceptable price (you won’t see me buying a lot of special editions, either). 

What are some of your bookish pet peeves?

4 thoughts on “Bookish Pet Peeves

  1. I HATE the hardback thing. For example, I only read book series when they’re complete, so I started the Nevernight Chronicles this month. I’m almost done with the first book, and when I went to buy the paperback, I found out I have to wait more than a month to get it. I was so pissed.

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