How To Be More Productive At Home Right Now

Hello, hello! It’s Monday and I’m feeling a bit lazy to be honest but I’ve had this post on my mind for a few days and I figured I might as well just try to do it while I actually want to, right?

I’ve been a surprisingly social person during quarantine, and a lot of people I talked to have mentioned they just can’t seem to do anything these days or feel motivated at all. Now, I can’t help with motivation but this isn’t my first time staying at home for a long period of time (though I could go out whenever I wanted to… good times), so I adjusted pretty well.

This post is also partially inspired by @cupsandthoughts’ post of how she stays productive at home. I agreed with a few things but I also didn’t relate to others, so I decided to share how I’ve been staying productive at home (whether that means uni work, blogging, cleaning the house, or something else).

plan it first

The key to productivity is staying organized and the key to staying organized is making lists.

First, make ONE list of ALL your goals. (I love to-do lists even if sometimes I don’t like any of the things I need to do, so I end up with one hundred unfulfilled lists for everything…)

One of my methods for making lists is to divide them by sections. Blog goals, study goals, reading goals, that sort of thing. Another good option is to prioritize on a more basic level. Make a list of things that you absolutely must do and a list of the things that you want to do but don’t mind not doing that day/week/etc if you’re too tired or don’t have time.

Every week I make a spread in my bullet journal and I write down all my goals. Or I make a pretty list and I tape it to someplace I know I’ll see it easily (pretty lists or spreads make me more productive for some reason). If it’s visible or someplace you’ll look at frequently, you’ll also think about it more frequently.

Although I usually prefer paper, I also recommend these FREE apps to help with your lists/ or study notes: (*a few of these already come with some computers or devices)

  • Evernote
  • Microsoft’s One Note
  • Sticky Notes
  • just use your device’s original note app if you don’t want to download anything extra

When it comes to planning, you can do it however it works best for you. Personally, I usually only have two or three must-do tasks for the day and everything else may or may not happen spontaneously? (I always end up with some goals I didn’t get to but I don’t particularly mind that much.) If you prefer to just make a list and then wing it, that’s fine.

small tips for your work sessions

Sometimes it’s the small things that really help.

Wear something comfortable, whatever that may mean for you. If you’re not feeling comfortable, you’re not going to get anything done. (Hoodies and leggings for me).*But I’m obviously not saying you should wear PJ’s to your online classes or work meetings, though. Unless you never turn on your camera like me!

Eat/drink something before or have it available during your work session. Though I’ve heard several times that caffeine is bad for anxiety, so maybe strong tea or a decaff if you like coffee; or maybe drink it less often?

Take several breaks! You know all those studyblr people going for five hours at a time or eight hours a day? (Somehow scary and impressive at the same time.) It’s great that they can do it, but I sure as shit can’t. If you don’t like studying/working like me but you absolutely must, then you might as well do it efficiently and the right way for you.

Fresh air is the best thing to make you feel good. This is more of a tip for feeling better overall than for being productive – but fresh air helps with everything! Take a long walk, sit at your balcony/window/garden breathing in the fresh air and soak up the sun for even just a few minutes and you’ll feel better, I guarantee it!

Turn off your phone, or wifi, or use one those productivity apps with timers (like the tomato timer or forest) so you can truly concentrate during at least a few short periods. On that note, a regular kitchen timer or phone timer works too (if you don’t get distracted by Instagram).

be realistic and understanding with yourself

This is a challenging time for everyone. I’m super anxious and stressed right now all the time. Being productive is great but if you’re not feeling up to it, it’s okay to take the day off and read, watch a movie, play Animal Crossing or something… (To be honest, I don’t get what all the fuss is about with Animal Crossing? But you do you, friend!)

Or just attempt to have one or two productive moments in your day.

You can even take several few days off during the week if you don’t mind having a few more intense work days after. Or dedicate a specific time to rest/not work. It really depends on your own schedule and amount of work. For instance, right now I refuse to do anything university-related on weekends or after a certain hour. I might still end up cleaning half the house but that’s my ‘rest’ time.

We all have tasks that makes us unmotivated or irritated. But if it’s not a huge priority, leave it for last. By which I mean, sometimes there’s equally important stuff that needs to get done that day/week, so why not do what you feel less negatively about first? So, I’m obviously not advising anyone to do their assignment at the last minute, though admittedly that does happen sometimes…

Last but not least… Actually do it! Succeeding in life means you can get something done even if you hate it.

That’s it for the tips, friends. I know these won’t work for everyone, but at the end of the day you just have to try to find the methods that work best for you and actually get shit done. Or not. It’s perfectly okay if you don’t want or can’t be productive right now too!

My productive moments today were writing this post and washing my two bathrooms. Maybe I’ll even make a healthy dinner?

8 thoughts on “How To Be More Productive At Home Right Now

  1. Hi Rafaela!
    I love these tips. Making to-do lists really help me feel organized (at work and in all aspects of my life!) I totally agree with wearing something comfortable as well.
    Stay safe and well!

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  2. This is very inspiring! I already want to make all the to-do lists for all things I want to do 😀
    I don’t know why, but I was never big on to-do lists. I tried them before but usually I just cram there all the tasks and then never accomplish them. I really need to learn how to be realistic with the time I have and things I can do during that time.

    Liked by 1 person

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