July Reading Wrap Up 2020:

July was kind of amazing. It felt like time was moving slowly and I managed to enjoy the good things in life without stressing too much, I went to the beach, to the pool, I read outside… The whole month just felt like a good holiday while still having some very productive days and some very bad mental health days in there as well. You’ve met me, you know I’m a positive person and I’m choosing to only focus on the best of July.

Let’s talk about books & blogging!

I’ve been feeling unmotivated and uninspired lately due to real life stress and although my blog is doing well, I want to do more in August! Be more creative, be more active, be more spontaneous, maybe work more on the graphic aspect of my blog (like headers and the overall site look maybe). Honestly, it’s my blog, reading and all of the other creative things I do that keep me busy and sane in these difficult times.

One of the most wonderful things that happened this month was that Soffii @ A. Book. A Thought, who is one of the most wonderful and supporting people in the book blogging community, nominated me for 2020 Blogger Awards in the category of Best Personality! It’s amazing bloggers like Sofii and everyone she mentioned that inspire me to try harder to be more creative and supportive and although I did not make a nominations post for this year’s awards, I will making a blogger’s appreciation section at the end of this post, something I should def do more often!

Other happy things that happened this month:

  • The Reading Rush 2020 // I hadn’t realized how much I missed participating in readathons, this was just so much fun and I got to read a couple of books that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I didn’t read all the books I wanted but I had fun, though I don’t think I’ll be doing any more readathons anytime soon.
  • I started following booktube channels and I’ve found some very funny and relatable people with great taste in books!

What I Read

I also read: Haikyu vols. 05, 06, 07 by Haruichi Furudate (4.5⭐) and The Finders by Jeffrey B. Burton (ARC, 3⭐) and I DNFed Ripper by Isabel Allende.

The majority of these are contemporary romances (and not fantasy for once) because after my stressful June, I was just craving cute, sexy, funny romances that warmed my heart and that’s what I got from all of these above!

My favorites of July are Get a Life, Chloe Brown, Emergency Contact, Hate Thy Neighbor. Aurora Burning and Rage and Ruin were some of my most anticipated reads of this year and I loved them, both were super unpredictable and kind of mind-blowing in their own way… (and I may not write more than a mini-review for them? You know, sometimes I just loved a book so much and I have no idea what to say about it? ) Bossman by Vi Keeland is an adult romance (or erotica maybe? how are these defined? legit question, though, is it the shirtless man on the cover?) but it really didn’t have more graphic sex than some of the others I read, so why does it get this shit cover instead of a colorful illustrated one?

Overall, these were all pretty great (except the DNF I suppose) and I really enjoyed them all even if some were less exciting or didn’t quite live up to the hype (I’m looking at you Serpent & Dove, and surprisingly also The Music of What Happens).

This Month on the Blog

I reviewed:

I also posted:

*In no particular order, here are some of the posts I loved in July (for several reasons like I might love the books mentioned, or think it’s an important topic, or what this person wrote just really resonated with me..):*

Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books 🌻🌿🌼 “Trigger warnings in books and why they matter to me”


May @ Forever & Everly 🌻🌿🌼 “5 Reasons Why I Love Book Blogs + 7 Ways to Support Book Bloggers”

Sahi @ My World of Books 🌻🌿🌼 Book Review: Aru Shah and the Tree of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi

Aldii @ perfection in books 🌻🌿🌼 “But, do I miss bookstagram?”

Ciello @ BelleRoseReads 🌻🌿🌼 “ARC REVIEW: Unravel The Dusk by Elizabeth Lim& also 🌻🌿🌼 “10 Upcoming Latinx Releases (Second Half of 2020)

Sophie @ themoonchildpages 🌻🌿🌼 “17 books on my tbr with disability/neurodiversity rep!!”

A Little Shelf Righteous 🌻🌿🌼 “Book Recommendations Based on Folklore by Taylor Swift

Catarina @ Pages and Plots 🌻🌿🌼 Animation Watchathon

9 thoughts on “July Reading Wrap Up 2020:

  1. I’m so happy to know you liked my posts! It means a lot to me😊💓 sad to see this wasn’t the best month for you because of the stress, I hope that improves in August!
    Also sad to see Serpent & Dove didn’t live up to the hype for you😕 I read it when it was a new release and loved it, but I didn’t have any expectations😅
    To improve your blogs design I highly recommend you to check out resources in Pinterest, it did wonders for me! 💓

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course, they were great! Book bloggers need to be appreciated more.
      Thanks 🙂 I still really enjoyed it but I think my problem was exactly that I had expectations. I’m super excited for the sequel that’s coming out this fall though!
      and thanks for the tip<3


  2. Thank you for mentioning my post! 💕
    I think we talked about Get a Life and I read it in July too and it was just sooo great 🥰🤩 I have heard from different people that the second one is even better and I’m just jumping in my seat at the thought of reading it! I’ll be definitely be doing that soon!
    I absolutely agree with you that some adult romance or erotica get just such awful covers. I feel like many times they don’t reflect the story at all, or how great it is (maybe I’m judging a bit these covers but oh well).
    I hope you have a great August!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. OMG, your words mean the world to me, Rafaela! 🥺✨ You’re an amazing person and I LOVE your blog, honey. I’ll be your fan forever! ❤️ & I’m glad you enjoyed Emergency Contact I’ve had that book on my shelves forever, so I think I should give it a try soon! 😄 Thank you SO SO much for sharing my posts, it makes me feel so happy that you like them and I adore so many other blogs that you mention 😍👏🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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