September Wrap Up //2020

September was nice. There was a mix of great days and bad days; of spending time with family and friends, and even going to the beach for one last time this year. For once, it already feels like Fall and I’m seriously considering putting away most of my Summer clothes before November because it is cold, windy and just lovely outside. Let’s talk about books now.

I had a great reading month. I read a bit more than what I was expecting considering what I was feeling. I set a TBR in the beginning of the month featuring so many good books – new releases, arcs, sequels, buddy reads – and I was truly excited for all of them but eventually it made me feel so overwhelmed… So, I will not be making a Fall or October, though I do have a vague mental list of which books I’m planning to read (mostly thrillers, fantasy and horror).

BUT! I discovered a new all-time favorite, received and read an arc for one of my most anticipated releases & I even received my first physical arc!! (The Wolf and the Water by Josie Jaffrey, an Atlantis-inspired fantasy.)

Some bookstagram pictures from my new Fall theme that I loved making and that received some much appreciated love this month + the aforementioned first physical arc in the middle picture!

Also, remember how I set a book buying ban for myself this month? Did I stick to it? NOT AT ALL. Well, I almost did it, but in the last week I purchased more than a few used books (book haul coming as soon as the books arrive) and can I just say that awesomebooks truly is awesome! It really doesn’t bother me too much that I broke my book buying ban this time in particular. I’d been checking up on some books I would buy for October but when I noticed some bargains and limited stocks, I just did it.

What I Read:

I read 8 ebooks this book and I’m in the middle of two other physical books. You can find full reviews for most of these linked below, but these were all so much fun except A Neon Darkness which was a bit lacking and overall my least favorite of the month. Also, THE POPPY WAR (!) is one of my new all time favorites, just a brilliant and brutal book, I LOVED IT!

In October I am going to try to stick more to reading my physical books than ebooks (though I do have some arcs and sequels I want to get to), my eyes have been more sensitive lately and this way I can give them a bit of a rest.

This Month on the Blog,

I had an amazing time with my blog and instagram accounts this month. I don’t say it enough but I am so thankful for all the lovely, supportive people who interacted with me this month. I posted two discussion(ish?) posts that I loved doing that also received lots of love, but mostly I wrote reviews because it felt a bit difficult to be creative this month. I think I put too much pressure on myself, but I’m feeling reinvigorated just in time for the new month.

Let’s Talk About Bookstagram & Why you should get one!

Judge a Book By Its Cover// My Top 4 Favorite Cover Trends

*In no particular order, here are some of the posts I loved this month (for several reasons like I might love the books mentioned, or think it’s an important topic, or what this person wrote just really resonated with me..). Not too many this month, I know, but I genuinely loved these posts and didn’t spend too much time checking other blogs this month.

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Servillas Speaks 🍁 Hardcovers versus Paperbacks: Which is more favourable?

Nicole’s Book Thoughts 🍁 Trope Talk: Tropes I’m Tired of

Faeryreads 🍁 Why do some adult fantasy books get labelled as ya?

Bellerosereads 🍁 The Ultimate Guide to ARCs – what are they, requesting sites and tips, and more

The Book View 🍁 How to: Bookstagram

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  1. hehe thank you for liking my post and shouting it out here ❤️️ i really appreciate it! also, LOVING your bookstagram photos, it’s making me want to revive mine.

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