How my reading habits changed in 2020

This year most of us found ourselves at home with plenty of extra free time with no commutes, no leisure trips and so readers began to read more… and I’ve realized my reading habits have changed quite a bit this year.

I realized I’m reading less. I realized that almost if not all my reading was done during my long commutes and that I probably didn’t even read at home during the week. Looking back, I was very surprised and it was a bit of a struggle to find a good way to balance reading with all my other hobbies that I didn’t have as much time to do before. So, I lost the habit of reading daily. Now, I can say that I’m slowly getting back to it, though, but it’s still a bit of a struggle.

Now, reading in the mornings is growing on me and I’ve been staying up late reading as well (which I shouldn’t do but I also trouble sleeping now). I have also found new ways to read outside (safely) in my yard this year as I obviously couldn’t easily go to public parks or gardens and didn’t even go to the beach much…

I read ebooks much faster than physical books. I can still read physical books pretty fast, but ebooks now more than ever are probably what I read the most. It makes a bit sad. I wish I could just stick to physical books and I had amazing libraries from which to borrow these books – but oh well, that’s just not the case. I need to just accept it and stop thinking of formats so much.

I love big books and I cannot lie. I read so many books over 600 pages, several over 800 as well! Which I’ve also realized are easier for me in the ebook format. They’re not as intimidating since I can’t see how big the book actually is or how much I have left to finish.

I’d rather binge a whole series than read immediately and wait for the sequels to come out. But I still do both.

I’ve explored more genres this year and even stepped out of my comfort zone. I found some amazing romance books and even a couple of literary fiction novels I truly enjoyed and found interesting. Nonfiction wasn’t as appealing to me this year, or I just didn’t pick the right ones.

I gave up on TBR lists forever? Mood reading is more my style now.

Audiobooks aren’t for me and that’s okay. In the beginning of the year I read a handful of audiobook with scribd’s free trial and I thought this is the year I’ll warm up to audiobooks. But as the year progressed and I listened to another full 2 audiobooks and started and dropped 3 others, I just realized I’m not the kind of person who can easily listen to audiobooks. I get very easily distracted by what is happening around me and when I do get easy chores or physical activities that would allow me to concentrate in the audiobook, I’d rather just listen to music or a tv show.

How has your reading changed this year?

3 thoughts on “How my reading habits changed in 2020

  1. I completely agree with you, my reading also took a toll when I stopped commuting to work. I’ve slowly found time to read at home, especially before going to sleep, but I can never read much because I get sleepy. Unlike you though, audiobooks are saving my life, and I’ve been listening to many of them now that I walk to uni. Still, most of the audiobooks I listen to are mystery/thrillers, so that is the genre I’m reading the most now.

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