[Book Tour]The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost-Kiss by Ami Noelle Parks [Review + Moodboard]

Today I’m bringing you the book tour for The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost-Kiss. I’d like to thank Terminal Tours and the author for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review!

  • Genre: YA, romantic comedy
  • Publication Date: January 5, 2021
  • Imprint: Amulet Books
  • ISBN: 978-1-4197-3972-9
  • Page Count: 368
  • Goodreads

Summary: A debut YA rom-com about smart girls, love-struck boys, and quantum theory.

Seventeen-year-old Evie Beckham has always been too occupied with her love of math and frequent battles with anxiety to want to date. Besides, she’s always found the idea of kissing to be kind of weird. But by senior year, thanks to therapy and her friends, she’s feeling braver than before. Maybe even brave enough to enter the national math and physics competition or flirt back with the new boy. Meanwhile, Evie’s best friend, Caleb Covic, has always been a little in love with her. So he’s horrified when he is forced to witness Evie’s meet-cute with the new guy. Desperate, Caleb uses an online forum to capture Evie’s interest—and it goes a little too well. Now Evie wonders how she went from avoiding romance to having to choose between two—or is it three?—boys.

“Fans of YA­ rom-coms will have a new favorite.”  — School Library Journal

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My Review

The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost-Kiss is a thoroughly funny YA coming-of-age romance and I really enjoyed reading it.

Evie and Caleb have always been friends, and Caleb has always been in love with Evie. She’s never had any interest in romance whatsoever but the arrival of a new student at their school finally opens her mind to it. And I thought Caleb and Evie’s relationship was so adorable, strong, and heartwarming to read about. It’s the kind of friends-to-lovers scenario we all wish for in real life. I love seeing how Evie developed throughout the story, how the people in her life really shaped her but it was ultimately her own effort to improve her life that did it.

The secondary characters were great as well. Bex is sweet, funny, and kind but lives a bit divided by her faith, her deeply religious parent’s expectations, and demands, as well as trying to figure out what she wants for herself. Leo’s the ‘mystery man’ who immediately gets smitten with Evie and her beautiful mathematical solutions and way of thinking; he was kind and smart, but I wasn’t too fond of his jealous moments or his preconceived notions about certain things…

But this book deals with some very interesting topics, such as overcoming your fears, opening up to the world, friendship, first love, and mental illness. And this story does have a big focus on math, physics, and the academic world in general but don’t let that scare you. It was well placed/used throughout the story, though. The way the characters talk about these things and their passion for it made me interested in it as well even if it was just while I was reading this story. (Though I don’t really know anything about math and physics and the only thing that was familiar to me here was Schrodinger’s cat experiment).

With all that being said, I rate this book as ⭐⭐⭐.5 Overall, it was very fun, surprisingly interesting (and baffling), and somehow also relatable.

*Content warnings: graphic descriptions of anxiety and panic attacks, prescription drugs.

About the Author

Amy Noelle Parks is an associate professor at Michigan State University. When she’s not using One Direction lyrics as a writing prompt, she’s helping future teachers recover from the trauma of years of school mathematics. She lives in Michigan with her husband and two daughters.

Website | Twitter

About the Tour

This blog tour is being hosted by Terminal Tours between December 29th and January 4th. You can find the schedule here.

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