Review: Breaking Damian by Eren Morgul

Goodreads// Damian lives on the streets of the Gauntlet—a megapolis where magic wielding weavers from four different Houses and ordinary people coexist peacefully. His life is a struggle and he’s doing anything to get by, including stealing from wealthy merchants and working in the mines, all the while dreaming of becoming a weaver.

Then, one day, he shows signs of magic and his life changes forever.

But when the Emperor who has been ruling over the Gauntlet for two hundred years disappears, the Houses turn on each other and he finds himself at the center of a power struggle.

Now, with civil war threatening to engulf his world, he realizes that it is up to him, and him alone, to end the conflict between the Houses and save everyone he loves

Breaking Damian by Eren Morgul is an exciting new epic fantasy YA story following Damian, a street kid who has always desperately wanted to to have magic, until one day, at last, he weaves a little spell and he gets noticed by a kind and powerful weaver who takes him under his wing. (But it soon becomes clear there’s more to Damian’s story than meets the eye…)

The Emperor that has ruled over the land for over two hundred years has been missing for months, and it’s clear some want to use that for their advantage. Politically and culturally, this story really reminded me of the Roman Empire, and issues of class and wealth disparity are woven deftly throughout. If you like historical fantasy, I think you’ll enjoy this book!

The story builds up a bit slowly, but before you know it you’ll be sucked into it, eager to see more of Damian and this magical world. There were some very surprising twists and turns that had me jotting down theories and some thrilling action scenes. (However, I do think there’s perhaps too much exposition (info-dumping) in certain parts of this book.)

My favorite character was probably Coral, but I really liked Damian as well. He was kind, resourceful and very clever!

The magic system is rather interesting and unique, though it was a bit difficult to understand at first. Magic users are called weavers, who use magic with the help of crystal, and there are four different abilities for the four houses, and one special weaver who can weave them all – the lightbringer.

Frankly, I was not a fan of the writing style, it seems to me there was too much description in general compared to what I usually enjoy in books (personally I like a little more inner monologue and struggle).

Overall, Breaking Damian is a surprising and uniquely magical story. I rated this book: ⭐⭐⭐

a map of The Gauntlet

Breaking Damian was published on December 14th 2020, and it is the first installment in The Fallen Emperor series. I received a free ebook copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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