Reading Habits I’m Changing in 2021

Last year was a year of wild, fast reading, and reading goals that went out the window because my mental health and life in general simply didn’t allow them to be. But this year I’m focusing on just reading what I want, fewer goals, and being more relaxed about this hobby. I’ve been trying to change certain bookish and reading habits for a while, but it never worked, until now… Read on to see how my reading habits are already changing in 2021!

I’m being more careful with my Netgalley ARC requests. Last year I went crazy, requesting anything that seemed mildly interesting and I regretted it. I only enjoyed about a third of my requests and I DNF-ed quite a few since then…

Even now, I have a handful of arcs to read from last year, and a few already behind this year. (I only requested 2 in March, and I was granted both. Both of which were also in my list of highly anticipated releases for this year: The Ones We’re Meant to Find by Joan He, For the Wolf by Hannah Whitten.)

Reading in the mornings, and not reading well past midnight. I tried doing this last year but I could never feel like reading in the mornings. Now that my days start sooner, so to speak, I read for a few minutes before work and if work is slow or non-existent that morning, then I’ll just read instead.

I’m reading slower – and therefore reading less. I’m still working on not feeling bad about reading less . I know there is no rush, no one pressuring me, and no reason at all to feel remotely bad about it. Logically I know, but sometimes I still feel it.

I don’t read every day anymore. Sometimes I’m just too physically or mentally tired to read, and the only thing I want to do is snuggle with a blanket in front of the tv (and fall asleep).

I’m also working on not feeling bad for wanting to reread all my favorite books. Or when I start rereading one of those books instead of reading an arc or a book I just bought.

Reading books I buy when soon after they arrive. As opposed to leaving them on my shelf for years unattended. I’m doing pretty good with this one actually. (Though I supposed it’s more of a goal than a habit. Or a goal that once fulfilled might become a habit?)

Buying books more sustainably. This means I’m buying more from independent bookstores, and more secondhand books, though I might still buy new releases or special editions from amazon/BD. Though, in light of the current lockdown, I’m buying fewer books. Waiting almost 2 months for them is making me anxious af so I’d rather just not buy as much than constantly wonder when or if they’ll arrive at all.

How has your reading changed in 2021, friends? Reading less, more, maybe different genres??

17 thoughts on “Reading Habits I’m Changing in 2021

  1. Honestly, your reading goals match up a lot with mine for 2021! I’ve reread more books recently and I’m trying not to feel bad for taking my time to read each book. Fantastic post! ✨📚


    1. Thanks you sm 😊 I think rereading can be a form of self-care and we shouldn’t feel bad about it (though saying that, and logically understanding it, doesn’t stop me from occasionally thinking about all the other books I could be reading for the first time). Good luck with your goals!!

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  2. i love these goals! i love morning reading but it doesn’t work everyday bc my shift work sadly. I also stopped worrying about reading every day because if i’m not feeling it i’m just not, no more forcing it

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