Booktubers on My Radar Lately

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I started watching booktube videos last summer (a bit late to the party I know), but I’m still a bit reticent about watching new booktubers because I’m very *picky* about it. (Voices, taste in books, general attitude, and aesthetic are kinda important…)

I’m still watching (and loving) Kat @ paperbackdreams (and Larry!) & Noelle Gallagher’s videos, though a couple of others either aren’t as active anymore or I just lost interest a bit… Other than those ladies and the booktubers mentioned below, I do watch other booktubers, study channels, and journaling videos, I just don’t really follow them closely.

Let’s just get into it. These are the booktubers I’ve been enjoying the most this year:

Little Bookshop on the Corner

Sofia is one of the few Portuguese booktubers (she posts both in English and Portuguese with eng subtitles btw) and bookstagrammers I follow. Like I said, I’m picky, and Sofia’s content and aesthetics are adorable, not to mention she has GREAT taste in books!

This is not her most recent video, but one of the ones I enjoyed the most – her bookshelf tour of 2021.

Cari Can Read

Cari is a booktuber currently living in Korea and her videos have the most calming vibes. Her taste in books diverges a bit from mine, but I still think it’s, essentially, flawless. I love her reading vlogs, but here we have the most recent video I watched of hers, and it def made me read some of these books!

Jack Edwards – thejackexperience

Jack Edwards is a pretty popular booktuber, but I’ve found out about him in the last month. I would not say we share the same taste in books, but he’s very creative, funny and I just find his videos very entertaining and enjoyable.

(can I just say he has the loveliest accent? yeah… I love most brit accents btw)

Jack has two youtube channels btw, and of course, I watch them both. Also, buying 43 books at once? Yes. (I wish I could afford to do that and buy ALL the books in my tbr!)


*New Booktuber Alert*

I’ve been following Josephine’s bookstagram for a while and she is such a creative and sweet person – with an impeccable taste in books that matches my own! I love her reels, they’re lovely, funny and so, so relatable! So, now that she’s starting a booktube, I’m looking forward to watching her videos!

That’s about it at the moment, though I am hoping to find a few more booktubers to follow, especially if they give a lot of recommendations! (I also want to watch fictionalfates & Ellias’s videos more.) If there are any booktubers you follow and def recommend, please share them below!

3 thoughts on “Booktubers on My Radar Lately

  1. I am very picky about the booktubers I watch too ahaha
    Two of my favourites are Books and Lala and I recently discovered Pages of Hayley and I’m in love with her videos 😍

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