Blog Update: semi-hiatus announcement

Earlier this year, I said blogging had started to feel like a chore. Although there have been times when I was feeling inspired and productive, that feeling has mostly lingered.

At this particular moment in time, I’m close to accomplishing one of my biggest personal life goals – finishing my master’s and hopefully getting a job in the next few months (fingers-crossed for all of this). I am feeling quite stressed. (I’m not even reading as much.)

So, I am giving myself a break (mentally at least) from feeling guilty about not posting or not wanting to produce content for this blog all the time. (I used to, though, I miss that feeling.) I will still be posting ARC reviews and blog tour posts, at the very least, and if I’m feeling a little more inspired, perhaps more.

This semi-hiatus will last through September and October, at least, and then I’ll see if I expand it or not.

EDIT: (September 17th) after an extremely confusing and frustrating week, I’ve been informed that it will take probably another 5/6 months until I’m actually done with this master’s because of administrative bullshit basically. So this semi-hiatus probably won’t last long.

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