Best Horror Book Covers of 2021

Horror book covers don’t necessarily allude to scary books, and I think that’s a problem. A book cover’s purpose is to attract the reader, naturally, but it should also reflect the genre/subject of the story somewhat. Well-known horror authors such as Stephen King or Riley Sager, have books with boring, typical covers most of the time that do not allude to anything scary or even spooky. (And I’ve read a few of their books and they are at least spooky). It’s disappointing.

Since I have a personal interest in book cover design, I decided to take a look at what I think are the best horror covers of the year! (Obviously, this is just my opinion and I am absolutely biased towards one specific trend or two.)

*Also, although I am focusing primarily on the horror genre here, some if not most of these books may also fall into the mystery/thriller category as the two are often intertwined. Some may even be more thriller than horror. I focus on the book covers and not on the synopsis and I’ve only actually read one of these, anyway. Let’s just get started!

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Cover Reveal: Blood, Fire & Mercy by Christina Davis

Hello, friends! Today I’m participating in a Cover Reveal for Blood, Fire & Mercy by Christina Davis (Da’Valia Trilogy #2) hosted by TBRandBeyondTours.

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The Best YA Fantasy Novels I Read this Year

I think writing this post made me realize just how much my reading taste is moving away from YA, which isn’t to say I haven’t read some bad YA this year, either. These are the ones that I enjoyed the most this year and that I always recommend whenever I can, so I figured it was time to share them here with you guys too!

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[Book Spotlight] In the Echo of this Ghost Town by C.L. Walters + Giveaway (INT)!

Today I’m bringing you a spotlight post for In the Echo of this Ghost Town by C. L. Waters with some excerpts! This blitz tour is being hosted by Xpresso Book Tours and it will run from October 12th to 16th!

  • In the Echo of this Ghost Town by C.L. Walters
  • Publication date: October 12th 2021
  • Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
  • Goodreads


When everything in your life unravels and the future you imagined disintegrates into dust—how do you decide which way is forward?

Griffin Nichols has lost everyone close to him. Unhealthy choices rooted in unmet expectations have him feeling like he’s failing at being a man. Everything he thought he knew about being a good son, brother, and friend has him feeling as substantive as an echo.
He’s lost.

Then Maxwell Wallace walks into his life and teaches him that sometimes in the weakness of the echo is where he can claim his strength.

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Blog Update: semi-hiatus announcement

Earlier this year, I said blogging had started to feel like a chore. Although there have been times when I was feeling inspired and productive, that feeling has mostly lingered.

At this particular moment in time, I’m close to accomplishing one of my biggest personal life goals – finishing my master’s and hopefully getting a job in the next few months (fingers-crossed for all of this). I am feeling quite stressed. (I’m not even reading as much.)

So, I am giving myself a break (mentally at least) from feeling guilty about not posting or not wanting to produce content for this blog all the time. (I used to, though, I miss that feeling.) I will still be posting ARC reviews and blog tour posts, at the very least, and if I’m feeling a little more inspired, perhaps more.

This semi-hiatus will last through September and October, at least, and then I’ll see if I expand it or not.

EDIT: (September 17th) after an extremely confusing and frustrating week, I’ve been informed that it will take probably another 5/6 months until I’m actually done with this master’s because of administrative bullshit basically. So this semi-hiatus probably won’t last long.

August Wrap Up //2021

August was basically a vacation month for me. I didn’t go anywhere special, but my mental health wasn’t the best right off the bat for several reasons, so I ended up barely working on my report (I still have a full-month and I’m nearly done, mind you). So I just focused on spending time with my family, reading and doing other things I enjoyed, basically. That’s how I ended up reading so much…

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Anticipated Releases of 2021: June to September

Hello, hello! Welcome to the second part of my list of anticipated releases for 2021! This time I’ve narrowed it down to only 8 books because I’m frankly not that excited about that many Summer books. Most of my anticipated releases of this year have already been published, and from my first list of anticipated releases of 2021, I have only read 4 out of 13 (though I’ve bought 4 others that are just waiting for me to read it).

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May Wrap Up //2021

Hello friends! Frankly, May was a rather exhausting month and an unpleasant month. I didn’t feel as motivated to read, and in the last two weeks, I’ve only read manga. Still, I did feel much more creative towards my blog and finally went to the cinema to see a movie! (It’s been soooo long! It was A Quiet Place II).

On another note, my internship has finally ended, and I’ve received some awesome feedback. I might even be getting the opportunity to work for them professionally in the future so I’m very happy right now. It had its bad, frustrating moments, and I’m so glad it’s over so I can rest for a few days, but I truly enjoyed the work I did.

June is my favorite month because it’s my birthday month!! Now that I have more free time I’ll probably be going out a few times, buying way too many books as usual, and hopefully, I’ll get to relax and rest too, I am exhausted. (Though I have to start working on my internship report as well…) I’m sure it’s just going to be great!

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Upcoming Releases with Gorgeous Covers You’ll Want to Read!

Are you the kind of person who (*occasionally*) buys books solely because they’re pretty? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Prepare to add another nine gorgeous books to your TBR!

Frankly, I don’t even know that much about most of these books, nor will I comment much about the plot in this post, as this is just about giving some love to these beautiful covers and also I’ve linked all the illustrators and artists involved in making them!

Though I am really looking forward to Six Crimson Cranes (I got an ARC!) and Iron Widow! (I’m legit dying to read this one, you have no idea, but I can’t even request it on Netgalley, only wish for it?!)

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