The Sunday Post: a week in review

The Sunday post is a weekly meme hosted by The Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news and recap what happened over the past week.

Sunday, march 7th 2021. It’s been a while since I did one of these, but now that I’ll be less active blogging and with less free time, I figured a recap now and then would make me feel a it lighter at the end of the week.

I started my curricular internship this week. For those of you unaware, I’m currently in the final stretch of a master’s degree in Publishing. This 3-month internship at a small publishing company, and the consequent report, will be my final project (or term paper). I was told I can work whatever schedule I want as long as the tasks get done, but I’m working 9-5 for now while I still have the energy and good mental health days. (*I’ll also be working remotely for the whole 3 months). My tasks so far have been some text editing and some maintenance of book information on their online catalogue so far.

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Top 13 Movie & TV Recommendations for Halloween!

I love the idea and atmosphere surrounding Halloween, but the truth is we don’t really celebrate it here in Portugal (which is sad for me, I wish we did). Some kids try sometimes, they’ve knocked on my door in the past, but usually no one in my old building would even let them in…

Today I’m bringing you some TV and film recommendations for you to watch this year and my own small watchlist. I’ve included non-scary family friendly movies, spooky tv shows and even a few movies that actually scared me. Some are recent, some are classics from the 90’s, but I only recommended the ones I thoroughly enjoyed or loved!

Also, I made a Halloween list of spooky tv series you should watch that still totally applies to this year: Four Spooky TV Shows to Watch On Halloween – featuring one I recommend here as well!

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My Summer Watchlist & Update #4:

Let’s just get down to it. There’s not a lot of movies I want to watch, I just haven’t been in the mood for some reason.

I’m much more interested in watching series right now (especially on Netflix because it’s makes life so comfortable).

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Watchlist Update #3

Hello, hello 😀 I’m here today to share all the amazing movies and series I’ve watched in the past month. Quick Life Update: I’ve accomplished most of my uni tasks at this point, just a few more things to do for my internship applications and then I’ll be free to worry about that until September.

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Watchlist Update #2 :

Hey everyone 😊 I’m back with another update about what I’ve watched since for the past month or so. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I should do this type of posts. I have fun making them but I just thought people might not enjoy them, but the other one did pretty well, actually. So thank you ❤ to anyone who took the time to read all my rants! (I basically only ever say ‘I loved this, please watch it’)

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Watchlist Update #1:

Hello and happy Sunday! A few weeks ago I made a Spring Watchlist and I’m here to follow up on that and tell you all about what I’ve been watching. But, basically, I completely ignored my list and only watched like 3 things on it.

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My Spring 2020 Watchlist!

That’s right, I’m not doing a tbr for this time of quarantine – mostly because I still haven’t finished a single ARC of the four I need to read and I may, possibly, be in a huge reading slump. Frankly, I just don’t really want to read, you know? But I do want to watch stuff! I’ve spent many hours watching Netflix these past few days…

To make this a bit more interesting I think I might do short reviews on all of these once I’m finished with them? (or nearly everything I read this spring). It’ll be called the Spring Log and feature two or three reviews per post, maybe? (Still to be decided, though…)

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‘Looking For Alaska’ Screen Adaptation News!

John Green, the amazing author of the amazing Looking For Alaska (you know, just the first book I’ve ever read in English and one of my all-time favorites), just shared on his social media accounts the main cast for the upcoming screen adaptation. 

(And if you don’t know Looking for Alaska, learn more about it on Goodreads.)

The characters Alaska and Miles will be played by Kristine Froseth and Charlie Plummer!


Although they wouldn’t be my ideal cast (maybe Lucy Fry and Robert Sheehan, though I don’t particularly dislike Kristine Froseth), I’m definitely excited to see them bring these characters to life. 

John Green’s instagram caption (also posted on his twitter): 

In the Looking for Alaska Hulu series, Alaska will be played by Kristine Froseth (@kristine_froseth on instagram), and Miles will be played by Charlie Plummer (@charliefplummer on twitter and on instagram–but mostly on instagram).

I spoke to Kristine and Charlie on the phone yesterday and it was really special to have a conversation with the people who will become Miles and Alaska. I’m so grateful to them and to everyone involved with the Looking for Alaska series. It’s all starting to feel very real!

I am so grateful that LFA has an enthusiastic readership all these years after its publication. I know people have strong casting opinions, but I’d ask you to remember that the people who’ve been cast are human beings (and young ones), so please be kind if/when tagging them.

(Also, a friendly reminder that I do not cast movies or limited series adaptations on Hulu. But I did get to see both of these actors’ auditions, and they are both truly brilliant and embody the characters to me. They’re both also fans of the book, which is nice!)

Kristine Froseth on IMDB

Looking for Alaska will be getting a TV series adaptation (Hulu) instead of a movie adaptation.

Charlie Plummer on IMDB

I hadn’t heard about it until he posted this so I was more than a little surprised, to be honest. I am not unhappy with this news, though. In fact, I think it’ll be even better – especially since John Green will be one of the writers of the show!

This news was shared by these three on their social media accounts on the 30th so it really is very new! (At the moment that I’m writing is they are not even listed on the IMDB page yet.)

However, there are two other actors who are, namely the actors who will play Lara and Takumi. These are Maria Dragus and Shunsuke Okubo. (I’m not sure if this is recent news though). 

This is about all I know about the Looking for Alaska screen adaptation. I’ll definitely be following the news around it more closely, though. I just had to write a post about this as soon as I read John Green’s post. I hope you found it as exciting as I did. What do you think about the cast? Are you excited about the movie? Let me know in the comments section! 

Summer Movies I’m Looking Forward to!


I’m a huge film enthusiast (though, who isn’t right), though I usually don’t like summer movies all that much (unless they’re Marvel movies which I’m a huge fan of). I prefer to watch new movies in theatres, usually, if I’m really interested in them. Now, all of the movies from this list are going to premiere in Portugal over the course of this summer (in this case, from June to August, or this post would be even bigger than it already is). (I’m basing this on the release calendar for my country on IMDB, by the way.)

I have a pretty eccletic taste in movies, so you might find that you’re looking forward to some of these as well and find others you’ll never ever watch in your life. Anyway, let’s get started!

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Short Movie Reviews: The Innocents, Black Swan, The Wave

MORGANS (3).png

Lately, I’ve been trying to come up with different types of posts for my blog other than book reviews and I decided to try and do some short movie reviews of some movies I watched recently for the first time. 

My taste in movies is as eclectic as my taste in music is – so basically, it’s a bit over the place. I love action, adventure, fantasy (though it’s not usually done very well especially if based on a book), comedy and historical movies. Animation movies and Marvel movies are my favorites. (By the way, I judge/rate a movie based on how entertaining/enjoyable it is for me and not for anything else (with some exceptions, perhaps). 

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