My Favorite Fantasy Series on Netflix

Hi, there, I hope you’re all doing well! Today I’m here to share my favorite fantasy series currently available to watch on Netflix! There are plenty more series that I love, but these are some of the ones that I can always go back to rewatch when I need something that I know I like or that won’t bore me. Trying out new shows only to be very bored after a few episodes is something very tiring for me so, trust me when I say I rewatch more than not…

As I haven’t been all that inspired to write bookish posts, I decided to start sharing more of my love of tv shows and movies with you again! These posts will be in the form of recs or perhaps even reviews sometimes, but I’m aiming for just one post a month at least for now. Hope you enjoy it!

(Also, I’ve elected to put all of these in a random order.)

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Top 13 Movie & TV Recommendations for Halloween!

I love the idea and atmosphere surrounding Halloween, but the truth is we don’t really celebrate it here in Portugal (which is sad for me, I wish we did). Some kids try sometimes, they’ve knocked on my door in the past, but usually no one in my old building would even let them in…

Today I’m bringing you some TV and film recommendations for you to watch this year and my own small watchlist. I’ve included non-scary family friendly movies, spooky tv shows and even a few movies that actually scared me. Some are recent, some are classics from the 90’s, but I only recommended the ones I thoroughly enjoyed or loved!

Also, I made a Halloween list of spooky tv series you should watch that still totally applies to this year: Four Spooky TV Shows to Watch On Halloween – featuring one I recommend here as well!

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Watchlist Update #2 :

Hey everyone 😊 I’m back with another update about what I’ve watched since for the past month or so. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I should do this type of posts. I have fun making them but I just thought people might not enjoy them, but the other one did pretty well, actually. So thank you ❤ to anyone who took the time to read all my rants! (I basically only ever say ‘I loved this, please watch it’)

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Watchlist Update #1:

Hello and happy Sunday! A few weeks ago I made a Spring Watchlist and I’m here to follow up on that and tell you all about what I’ve been watching. But, basically, I completely ignored my list and only watched like 3 things on it.

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Game of Trones s8e01: first impressions, theories & more than a bit of ranting

*There will be MAJOR SPOILERS in this really long post*

Dany for the throne

You all know how much I love this series and now that the last season is finally here, I’m probably going to write a whole post about each episode.

What did I think? This episode was incredible! What an amazing first episode to the last season! Whatever expectations I had were blown away. I mean, damn.

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Legacies (2018): First Impressions

I’m currently writing this post after watching episode 3. This post will feature some minor spoilers for the first three episodes of Legacies, The Vampire Diaries, and The Originals. 

Legacies is CW’s latest The Vampire Diaries and The Originals spin-off. Years after the ending of the other shows, Alaric Saltzman is running the Salvatore Boarding School for  Young and Gifted for supernaturals (featuring descendants of characters of the two shows). It spoils TVD and TO, by the way, you might want to finish watching them first if you’ve already started them and actually like them. 

Although I didn’t expect much of it at first, it’s becoming the show I look forward to the most every week.

Episode 1: This Is The Part Where You Run was average though entertaining and intriguing enough to make me want to continue watching so I suppose it did its job. I don’t usually judge shows (or anything for that matter) for its first episodes (unless they’re that bad). 

The show mostly follows Hope Mikaelson, Josie and Lizzie Saltzman and human Landon Kirby (who keeps looking more and more like Hope’s love interest who is also a clichéed unwanted foster kid character who might be special after all). 

Episode 2: Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn – Based on the first two episodes of Legacies, my first impressions were that I doubted Legacies wouldn’t be as good/exciting/engaging/you-name-it as TVD or TO. It seems to be milder, somehow, perhaps focusing a little more on Teen Drama than the other two and less on the supernatural, in general. Still, that wouldn’t stop me from watching it (not yet anyway). 

TVD and TO has mainly stuck to vampires, witches, and werewolves in terms of supernatural creatures. In fact, it led us all to believe those were the only supernaturals that existed. Legacies changed that – presumably in an effort to renew the interest in the characters (and maybe try to distract us from the fact that the creators/producers want to keep making money/ it’s simply a result from the other two shows’ popularity). It’s introducing us to a whole new world of possibility – and I have to say, it’s working for me. I’m interested (especially after episode 3).

Episode 3: We’re Being Punked Pedro is so far my the episode I’ve enjoyed the most. (Hopefully, the remaining 19 episodes will continue this trend and make this a great first season.) 

Now, I probably won’t review this show episode by episode because that’s not really what I like to do I suppose, though I’ll probably review the whole season when it ends.

But let’s just talk about Episode 4: Hope Is Not The Goal preview scenes for a sec. I like the growing drama, the escalating violence it’s showing, though the outcome seems a bit predictable (hopefully not). I like where this show is headed.