September Wrap Up //2021

I had such a weird reading month. I was pretty stressed about some stuff (*see the semi-hiatus update linked below*), and so my reading mood was kind of all the place. Plus, I had a few too many arcs in my tbr, I tried to read too many, and ended up reading none. Make it make sense.

I went to the Lisbon Book Fair for the first time in maybe four years, and I bought a few books there, plus two or three others throughout the month that have been on my tbr for a long time, so no regrets… kinda?

>check all these photos on my bookstagram linked in the sidebar*

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August Wrap Up //2021

August was basically a vacation month for me. I didn’t go anywhere special, but my mental health wasn’t the best right off the bat for several reasons, so I ended up barely working on my report (I still have a full-month and I’m nearly done, mind you). So I just focused on spending time with my family, reading and doing other things I enjoyed, basically. That’s how I ended up reading so much…

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July Wrap Up //2021

Hello, friends, how was your July? I could make such a big list of all the good things that happened in my life in July, but today I’d just rather focus on the books.

On another note, I’m not entirely happy with my blogging this month. I had the motivation, and I’m happy with my bookstagram account again (definitely feeling more creative lately) but I’ve had to focus on working on my internship report, and enjoying holidays with my family… it’s all about and setting priorities, and blogging was not one of them but I’m hoping to be more active after the summer is over. August will likely be as chill.

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June Wrap Up //2021

June was actually the perfect month. It has been a long while since I felt this happy, relaxed, and enjoyed life while simultaneously being super productive wow. June and Summer are fk magic.

I spent so much time with family, ate some Good Food, went to some art exhibits, went to the beach, the library … also bought more than a few books, but no regrets!

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May Wrap Up //2021

Hello friends! Frankly, May was a rather exhausting month and an unpleasant month. I didn’t feel as motivated to read, and in the last two weeks, I’ve only read manga. Still, I did feel much more creative towards my blog and finally went to the cinema to see a movie! (It’s been soooo long! It was A Quiet Place II).

On another note, my internship has finally ended, and I’ve received some awesome feedback. I might even be getting the opportunity to work for them professionally in the future so I’m very happy right now. It had its bad, frustrating moments, and I’m so glad it’s over so I can rest for a few days, but I truly enjoyed the work I did.

June is my favorite month because it’s my birthday month!! Now that I have more free time I’ll probably be going out a few times, buying way too many books as usual, and hopefully, I’ll get to relax and rest too, I am exhausted. (Though I have to start working on my internship report as well…) I’m sure it’s just going to be great!

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March Wrap Up //2021

Hello, friends, how was your month? Spring is here, and the weather is nice (though not yet nice enough to read outside). Work was interesting and fulfilling, for the most part, and I watched some really good tv shows and movies!

I have a new theme on bookstagram, by the way, and I am loving it. I’m more motivated to be creative and inspired, though I’m also trying to just be more chill, and not feel pressured to post.

As I mentioned before, I’m buying more sustainable this year, and 6 out of the 7 books I bought this month were used (two are gifts for my mother).

Also, unhauled a few more boos, leading to a total of 29 unhauled books in 2021!!

  • Lore – Alexandra Bracken (read)
  • The Scorpio Races – Maggie Stiefvater (read)
  • Temeraire – Naomi Novik
  • Notes on a Nervous Planet – Matt Haig
  • Inappropriate by Vi Keeland (new)

I had a slower reading month. Physical and mental exhaustion, and less free time just didn’t let me read as much. Still, I enjoyed all the books I read this month. Some I loved, most were average fun (lots of 3 star reads), but only one or two weren’t great. (Also, I won’t be mentioning books I read for work or uni on the blog from now on, but they still might be on my goodreads).

I discovered a new favorite genre/subgenre(?) this month: dark fantasy adult romance. It has all the fun of adult romance with the excitement, unpredictable aspects of fantasy, and it can be kind of dark… (books by Laura Thalassa, and Black Sunshine by Karina Halle🖤).

I read 12 books this month. You can find reviews for all of these, either here in the blog or on my goodreads.

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February Wrap Up //2021:

First, some personal news: I will be starting my internship tomorrow! This is a curricular internship part of my final project for my master’s and I am very excited and nervous at the same time… Hooray? Again, I don’t expect to be very active but I’ll try. One of my main goals for March is to be more organized.

I wasn’t feeling very creative or motivated so I was less active on both my instagram and blog, but I hope to feel more up to it in March! So I just read, and watched a lot of tv series. I especially loved The Uncanny Counter (korean supernatural drama series, 2020, netflix), Space Sweepers (korean scifi film, 2021, netflix), and The Yin Yan Master: Dream of Eternity (chinese fantasy film, 2020, netflix).

This month I read 19 books (incl. 1 research book not mentioned below). My favorites were A Court of Silver Flames, The Gilded Ones, and Witherward. I had a fantastic reading month overall! (Though I ended up rereading 4 books.) See my GR reading challenge for all the books.

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January Wrap Up //2021

Hello loves, I hope you had a good January and if not, I hope it gets better in February! Before moving onto the books I read this month, I have some very brief news.

In 2021, I’m participating in the Literary Love Book Club, created and hosted by the wonderful Brooke @ brookecannotread (who also recently started a blog, please go check her out). This book club is all about reading NA/Adult romances! January’s book club pick was The Roommate by Rosie Danaan.

Also, I’ll be posting more journaling content from now on. First maybe a monthly series of updates on my reading journal, and then inspiration and tips as well, perhaps?

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December Wrap Up //2020

I read so, so many good books this month. I seriously binged two series in a row (in like a week) and I finally finished Jade City by Fonda Lee which is one of the most intricate fantasy series I’ve ever read!

I ended this hellish year with 169 books read and I honestly had such an amazing reading year. (At one point I will publish my list of favorites…)

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November Wrap Up & Book Haul //2020

This will be a short wrap up as I am feeling very uninspired and a bit burnt out, frankly. The Portuguese Bibliophile might be going on a temporary hiatus in December for me rest and find my creative drive again, though I do have a few posts coming up that I’ve already prepared.

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