January Wrap Up //2021

Hello loves, I hope you had a good January and if not, I hope it gets better in February! Before moving onto the books I read this month, I have some very brief news.

In 2021, I’m participating in the Literary Love Book Club, created and hosted by the wonderful Brooke @ brookecannotread (who also recently started a blog, please go check her out). This book club is all about reading NA/Adult romances! January’s book club pick was The Roommate by Rosie Danaan.

Also, I’ll be posting more journaling content from now on. First maybe a monthly series of updates on my reading journal, and then inspiration and tips as well, perhaps?

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January Wrap Up & Recent Haul // 2020

The first month of 2020 is over and I spent it on holiday! (My classes start on February 10). It was fantastic, although a bit stressful in the first couple of weeks for a few reasons I’ve already talked about. In any case, January is over and I’ve had a productive reading month.

Overall, it was a pretty good reading month. I loved about half the books I read, and the other half was only meh or average.

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January 2018 Wrap Up!

MORGANS (1).png

I had so much fun this month and I definitely feel rested. I have about two weeks until the next semester starts and I’m just looking forward to watching more movies, reading more books and just enjoying life in general. At the same time, I managed to finish my driving lessons (or I will next week when I have my final two classes). So hopefully, I’ll pass my exam!

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