Anticipated Releases of 2021: June to September

Hello, hello! Welcome to the second part of my list of anticipated releases for 2021! This time I’ve narrowed it down to only 8 books because I’m frankly not that excited about that many Summer books. Most of my anticipated releases of this year have already been published, and from my first list of anticipated releases of 2021, I have only read 4 out of 13 (though I’ve bought 4 others that are just waiting for me to read it).

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Upcoming Releases with Gorgeous Covers You’ll Want to Read!

Are you the kind of person who (*occasionally*) buys books solely because they’re pretty? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Prepare to add another nine gorgeous books to your TBR!

Frankly, I don’t even know that much about most of these books, nor will I comment much about the plot in this post, as this is just about giving some love to these beautiful covers and also I’ve linked all the illustrators and artists involved in making them!

Though I am really looking forward to Six Crimson Cranes (I got an ARC!) and Iron Widow! (I’m legit dying to read this one, you have no idea, but I can’t even request it on Netgalley, only wish for it?!)

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Anticipated Releases of 2021: January – June

Hi! So many exciting books are coming out this year and honestly the one thing about 2021 that I’m most excited about!

These 13 books releasing from January to June are the ones at the very top of my list. The ones I want to read the most as well as the ones I’m most likely to actually read (I’ll likely still discover more exciting new releases as the year goes though).

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10 New Releases I still Want to Read

Hello everyone, how are you doing today? This year’s new releases were on point, finally one aspect of 2020 that didn’t suck! I read the majority of those I wanted, but as I was thinking of all the books I want to read next year and setting up my new reading journal, I realized there were still about 10 of them that were high on my priority list that I just didn’t get to read.

So today I’m sharing with you those 10 hot new releases that I didn’t get a chance to read in 2020 (and some short and mostly accurate summaries by yours truly).

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Anticipated Releases of 2020 |Part 2

I am feeling motivated and happy as I’m writing this post and in the kind of positive mood and headspace that I haven’t been in a while and I just thought I’d share – and of course I hope you’re all doing great as well. It’s okay to not be okay but if you’re feeling good, then you should share it and celebrate it because life’s hard!

Today I’m bringing you nine upcoming 2020 books that I am eager to read and I just wish they’d be released sooner… Some are from authors I already know, most are (surprisingly) standalones instead of new series (I have started way too many series this year) and one is a collector’s edition that will surely be very expensive but I NEED to have it!

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Seven New Releases I Want To Read Right Now!

This list was surprisingly hard to make. Although I have a list of 2020 releases I want to read, I realized I wasn’t equally excited about all of them and that I might not buy all of them, even as few as they are…

Two of my goals for this month are to unhaul some books and to not buy any books this month. I am making progress on both (mainly self-control on the latter) because I just don’t want to spend all that much money this year. So, I’m also going to use the money I make selling some of my books to purchase the next ones. (Some cosmic economic balance to my book buying habits?) Even if I’m not making a huge profit, at least I won’t be loosing much money either.

Still, this is looking like a promising year when it comes to new releases!

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