Anticipated Releases of 2021: June to September

Hello, hello! Welcome to the second part of my list of anticipated releases for 2021! This time I’ve narrowed it down to only 8 books because I’m frankly not that excited about that many Summer books. Most of my anticipated releases of this year have already been published, and from my first list of anticipated releases of 2021, I have only read 4 out of 13 (though I’ve bought 4 others that are just waiting for me to read it).

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10 New Releases I still Want to Read

Hello everyone, how are you doing today? This year’s new releases were on point, finally one aspect of 2020 that didn’t suck! I read the majority of those I wanted, but as I was thinking of all the books I want to read next year and setting up my new reading journal, I realized there were still about 10 of them that were high on my priority list that I just didn’t get to read.

So today I’m sharing with you those 10 hot new releases that I didn’t get a chance to read in 2020 (and some short and mostly accurate summaries by yours truly).

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My Current Netgalley TBR:

My Netgalley TBR is getting scarily large and most definitely out of hand. I keep getting approved for more and more books than I’m expecting so I haven’t been able to keep my feedback rate higher than 76% this year. It seems that as soon as I read a book I get approved for another. Oh well. I’m still hoping for yet another one I requested last night…

I have 4 arcs in my reading app right now (I use Overdrive because the new Netgalley app sucks let’s be honest) and besides those I have yet another 6 to be downloaded still. I’m particularly excited about the 2021 releases to be honest. Some of these have already been published but for whatever reason it’s being reprinted/published by some other publishing house and Netgalley UK had it available to request.

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September TBR & A Few Bookish Goals:

This September tbr list has been through so much. I’ve had this ready (mentally if not for publication) for a few days but then I go and read 30% of The Poppy War in one night? (Mostly after midnight so it’s my first September book ok.)

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Reading Rush 2020 TBR:

In a few days starts the Reading Rush readathon and I am again participating after doing the Stay Home Reading Rush readathon in April (and failed). Actually, this is just for fun, so no failing or winning for anyone!

The prompts are super fun this time but I will be doubling down and choosing short books because I could not read 7 novels in 7 days at the moment! (I’ve barely read anything this week.) I hope I can finish them all this month and not particularly in this week… because I am putting no pressure on myself.

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My May 2020 TBR:

This TBR is all about fantasy and scifi (with a few nonfiction arcs). I’ll be reading mostly sequels and books in series, but most importantly I want to focus on the books I bought this year that I have yet to read!

1| I want to finish one or two of my current reads.

2| Reread Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff so I can read the next book, Aurora Burning, at the end of the month (when my order is scheduled to arrive).

3 | Read some of the books I bought earlier this year: the Haikyu manga or No Game No Life light novel; Jujutsu Kaisen manga or Emergency Contact…. we’ll see what happens.

4 | Last but not least, I also have 3 short ARCs to read – two manga volumes and one middle grade book. I want to at least read the manga this month.

Frankly this TBR is way too ambitious because I have sooo many assignments to do this month. On the other hand, I’ve chosen a lot of manga and short books so maybe it is doable? We’ll see. I ‘ll just try my best and I won’t get upset if I don’t suceed because I definitely need to prioritize my studies this month.

(On another note, I’m so annoyed with everything I have to do in May and all the stuff I won’t be able to read or watch that I’m already working on my Summer TBR and watchlist!)

Good luck to you all this month!

Stay Home Reading Rush TBR:

I’m a bit late to the party but I just decided to participate in this readathon this morning because I’m a little down and I think focusing on reading will make me feel better!

The Stay Home Reading Rush (April 16th to 19th) is hosted by Ariel Bisset and Raeleen Lemay.

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February TBR & Bookish Goals

I have a ridiculous amount of things to do this month and goals to accomplish, though the majority of them are related to university. In any case, I’m hoping to dedicate more of my time to a lot of other things other than books so I kind of want to read less this month… (crazy, I know, doesn’t sound like me at all).

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The Newest Additions to My TBR!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post that wasn’t a review, I know, but as soon as February starst I’ll be much more active! But for now, here’s a late Top Ten Tuesday! I saw everyone doing these yesterday and I wished I had found out about this prompt sooner!

I want to make a separate post for my recent book hauls when all the books actually arrive (some are rather late…) so here are the newest additions to my TBR!

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